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Daniele Procida

A fantastic recovery


Sun, 18 Mar 2001 01:42:00 GMT

I have just returned from a party and happened to fins my iMac still on.
Anyway, I have just made a fantastic discoverty. A vlinding revelation
hit me thins evening. You know how it is when you go tot one of those
parties and someone hets a guitar or two out and starts singings the
famous somnebgs? Well, firstly,m there;'s ths question of exactly which
somgs. Yes, Bob Marlet. White guys singing about sitting in the
government compund in Town. No irony. Yes, REN. English guys singng
about having a soul that vibrates in sympathiy with that f Andy Kaufman.
No iron. Yes, yes yes. All those songs taht ewven if you had bo
intesrest in music and didn't evbem like it very much, you would have
heard and so on.

Anyway; those songs., So, that's what was bneing sung on the huitars. I
didn';t ebvenm know that most of thoise songs had second verses. Shit.
Did Van Morrison and Crowded house write second verses? Fuck me, I
though t they just wrote an oipeing line and a chorus in G. It turns out
not; they did indeed write second verses, and even sometimes third
verses and middle eights,. This is not the revelartion. The fantastic
discovery. (Though it is certainly interesting to know these facts of
secnd verses, yes?)

This is the good bit. OK, who was singing? The two guysa with the
guitars , yes. (One looking like a Swedisjh heavy metal band person with
correct hair, t-shirt and tattoo and bone structure and the thing of
tossing his head back for his long heairt that I also did wjhen I was 16
and had long hair. And one baldy one. But what was amazing was that they
did all the correct voices when singinb - Bob <Marley, American, David
Bowie, Mic Jaghgar, etc etc ect all from these two guys. I was beginning
to wander, what vouices did they have when not singing? Any voice at
all, or only famous borrowed popstar voices? I didn't talk to them
because i was admirinbg their hair. (And someone picnched my arse at
this party, but I couldn't wpork out who did it. Probably the samshed
guy n the sofa, not the pretty girl that I uimagine I was supposed to
imagine who did it. Who incidentally alsoi had a boyfiren d with the
correct swedish heavy metal hair etc. A lot of them about, surprisingly
since not raelly that kind if party))).

Anyway, what I was sasying. Who was singing? SInging along, I mean? This
is the rveelkaytion: only epeople over a certain bodyweight nod and sing
along appreciatively for this kind 0f party-strumming. The thin people
do not like it, or the smaller ones. They rtalk to each other opr somoje
cigarrets. But the biigger ones, with big bones or just fattish, know
all the second verses, can do the voices and are even prpared to do
appreciative backing vocals. Please observe at parytoies in future to
corroborate this analysis. Fat/big people are into unavoidable music.
Small/thin ones refrain from participation.

A genuinely new observation

Nigel C. Eastmond

Re: A fantastic recovery

18 Mar 2001 08:48:47 GMT

In article <1eqfyez.qd26gts73zgyN%{$usenet$}>, Daniele Procida wrote:

So what you are saying is that you are a lardy. <looks round at others> I did get the point of that, didn't I?

Peter Ceresole

Re: A fantastic recovery

Sun, 18 Mar 2001 10:37:01 +0000

In article <1eqgmy6.h0qbagty0voN%{$usenet$}>,
Daniele Procida wrote:

>Daniele Procida <{$usenet$}> wrote:
>> I have just returned from a party
>Oh my God.
>You have my apologies for that.

That's okay. It's not every day we can go on a roller coaster ride before