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D.M. Procida

Re: Microsoft and cancer [wandering OT]


Mon, 04 Mar 2002 21:40:17 GMT

Graham R wrote:

> Then again, sports clothing is a strange fact of life in the North East
> of England. Go to any chip shop in Newcastle or Middlesborough and
> observe - the wearers of the most expensive tracks suits and trainers
> are usually seriously overweight, chips in one hand, can of coke in the
> other with a fag drooping out of the corner of their mouth, and couldn't
> run for a bus if their life depended on it.

Sore point. I got soundly told off this afternoon for coming back home
with a sweatshirt I'd just bought:

Her: You bought a *sweatshirt*? A sweatshirt? What on earth were you
thinking of?
Me (defensively): It was only twenty pounds. It was in a sale. It's 100%
Her: Twenty pounds for this horrid thing? A sweatshirt? You think I'm
going to let you wear a sweatshirt? You're taking it back.
Me: What's wrong with it?
Her: A sweatshirt? You'll be buying a tracksuit next, like those people
who clean their cars on Sundays. You're taking it back.
Me: It's only to wear at home.
Her: No it isn't. I'm not having leisure-wear in this house.

I'm going to keep it anyway. She's such a snob.