I decided it was high time that they had their own page.

If you can't see the thumbnails, it's probably because they're in PNG format. Click through for the jpegs.


The Early Days
Penguin on ice Penguin on ice #2 The good, the bad & the ugly    
Leu the Penguin.
On ice.
Leu the Penguin.
Still on ice.
Leu the Penguin
and friends


In the Army
defenders Spooky gotcha Run away! Mata Who?
In defence of
the Realm.
Patrolling Area 51.
I don't think you appreciate
the severity of the situation
Mata Penguin


At the Movies
Watch out Broadway!  The penguins are coming! Let's go to work Apocalypse cow New recruits This was a stupid movie, wasn't it?
The Full Penguin.
One night only.
Reservoir Penguins
Apocalypse Penguin
Full Metal Penguin.
An Officer
and a Penguin
Marlon Penguin? Darth Penguin      
Last Penguin
in Paris
The Penguin Menace      


Culture. And bizarre.
Mattie Groves in his gore do I love . . . oops        
The Ballad of
Mattie Penguin
A tragic accident in Penguin Lane        


What now?