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23 August 2012

Les science blogs d’antan

Hello world!

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6 September 2010


Wahey. I’ve just installed the ‘Notify me of followup comments via e-mail’ plug-in for your delectation and delight. If I’m going to use this place as an alternative to Nature Network for your comments, it can only make life easier, right?

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13 September 2008

Intense coolness

Hi, rpg.

George Orwell (georgeorwell) is now following your updates on Twitter.
Check out George Orwell’s profile here:

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6 April 2008

Email addresses

My first email address was something memorable like Then, when I started my DPhil, I managed to grab Not very cool, but much more memorable.

On leaving Oxford I was saddled with a ‘professional’ email address of, which I never liked (I rapidly went off the management in that company too, so was only stuck with it for two years). About that time I registered a, with username rpg14. That still works, although I seldom check it. When I left ‘cmtech’ and went to work at the MRC-LMB I was fortunate enough to obtain ‘rpg’ as my username. ‘’ was still rather a mouthful, but at least ‘rpg’ was pretty memorable.

I went through quite a few ISP-based email addresses at that time, Tesco, Waitrose, Flyer, NTL . . . before bothering to register Naturally, ‘rpg’ at that works, although I’ve switched off the ‘catch-all’ facility because it gets spammed to buggery. I also got an invite to (thanks CK!); and although ‘rpg’ was taken, ‘rpgrant’ was free. I belatedly realized I should have tagged ‘rpgmail’, so missed out on some coolness there.

On arrival at Sydney Uni, changing my login ID from rgra3423 or whatever it was became a priority, and I was able to reserve ‘rpg’. rpg at usyd . edu . au thus became the coolest email address I’ve ever had, if not the shortest (rpg at rg-d . com is short, but not incredibly memorable. is taken, of course). rpgrant @ my Australian ISP is also mine.

But two weeks ago I found out that the University of Sydney have pulled a real swifty, and created a memorable alias (that is bound to piss off the Yanks, but hey; .edu, as .com and .org, should never have been country-specific).

Ladles and gentlespoons, short and sweet:
my email address

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16 March 2008

I get around

Rather gratifyingly, a post I made over at Nature Network (yes, that Nature) garnered more than a few comments from the editorial staff (among others) and made it onto Maxine Clarke’s ‘official’ Nature weblog.

Even more ego-strokingly, I appear, directly or indirectly, three times in that one post.

Fame! We’re going to live forever!

Um, nearly got carried away, there. Sorry.

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6 March 2008

Google referrers

make your own rpg website without going through all the coding


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2 March 2008

Sexual equality

You can get them to write beer recipes and post them to a weblog (passim), but they’ll never pick up dead roaches and slugs from the laundry floor.

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4 February 2008

Just in passing

I am planning a little stunt for Rachel and Sophie.  So I need to link to a treasure map.

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18 November 2007

My funny blog

Gmail has a sense of humour:

how to cook spam

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14 November 2007

Have you ever loved a blog?

Still in testing, but basically we’re all set. I have to fiddle with the sidebar some more (the font is screwed up) and all the redirects and slight oddities I was struggling with last night seem to have mysteriously resolved themselves.

That’s a little bit worrying, but I’m sure I can live with it.

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