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Richard P Grant

scientist, poet, gadfly

Richard P Grant is an award-winning blogger, writer and erstwhile bench scientist. He read Biochemistry at the University of Oxford (Lady Margaret Hall) and was awarded his DPhil, on the structure and function of the cytoskeletal protein talin, in 1994.

Once described as 'CS Lewis on acid', he has fifteen years' research experience in industrial and academic laboratories, in Oxford, Cambridge and Sydney, but is now making a career in medical communications and publishing. In the lab, he specialized in how the structure of biological macro-molecules determines their cellular function, but now frequently can be found dodging flak in the No Man's Land between science and art, taking photographs, and writing short fiction and poetry.

He is a keen chef, one firmly in the 'make it up as you go along' category, as you'll see from his latest blog venture, Magirism.

Richard designed and built the independent blogging network Occam's Typewriter, and writes there at Confessions of a (Former) Lab Rat.

Research Blogging Awards 2010 Winner!

He has published short fiction in the Futures series in Nature (Freedom Fighter, Man of steel and Helpdesk), and has also written for Chemistry World. During his time at Faculty of 1000 he reported and wrote for The Scientist magazine. His other short fiction and poetry is published at LabLit.com, where he is also LabLit.com's Deputy Editor. In addition, he is writing lab lit-style and fantasy novels.

If he ever gets enough funding, he plans to manifest his secret desire to make internationally acclaimed scientific films.


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